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Do you have a brick and mortar retail shop but want to reach more people? Maybe you have a great product that you design and produce in your garage but aren’t sure how to get it in front of the world. I can tell you are smart, which is what led you to this page. You want to start selling your product online. Well, you have come to the right place.

I aim to create an online store that your customer will feel as comfortable shopping in as they do when they walk through your front door. Don’t have, or want, a physical location to sell your merchandise? I can help you create your brand identity and custom design your online store to convey what your company is about. Which ever the case, you’ll find that having an online store is a very low cost, high reward way to get your products out there. Your customers will be able to browse your inventory, view images of your products, read reviews, and get recommendations for other products of yours that complement what they have in their cart. This ensures that your customers are happy with their purchase and at the same time, making you the most sales possible.

Your online store is built with a very easy to use content management system so that you can easily control your own inventory, sales promotions, invoicing & shipping, and easily keep track of your sales numbers. Or let me do all the work for you. I can help with your online marketing campaign, SEO, and social media to maximize visibility and funnel customers into your store. I can even optimize your eBay and Amazon stores!

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